what starts with a bang must go out with a bang

talking about my holidays here now, whatever you might think i’m referring to.

i started them with a big shabang for about 50 people a month ago and ended them on saturday with a kräftis (crayfish party) hosting a dozen more or less adorably crazy people . got a text from a friend late last night, she was talking of hang over of epic proportions and never attending any kräftis of mine again.. that was a very good grade don’t you think?

anyway. back at work. trying to think happy thoughts and listing reasons i’m glad to be back in town.

  1. i have a shower (problem with this though – i realised half way through i was taking a cold shower…)
  2. i don’t need to hunt ants, beetles or other bugs (problem: i did see a spider running fast as hell to hide behind one of my plants. didn’t care, spiders are my friends as they eat the real problems. but if i have a spider it probably means i have something else living there as well)
  3. woody woodpecker won’t disturb my sleep in the mornings (problem: the alarm clock will..)
  4. free coffee all day (problem: i have gotten used to only drinking a small cup a day. of course this led up to me just accidentally pouring out half of my morning coffee all over my desk..)
  5. i have a tv (problem: there’s nothing to watch anyway)

oh f*ck it, who am i kidding. can i go back now?


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