meet the faqirs


apparently my mere presence make certain people* feel like shit the day after the evening before… the only thing i did this time was show up in känniniemi with a friend, a bottle of port and a game of faqir… don’t really get how that could go wrong.

place the faqir on the bed of nails

“the rotation defines which side of your faqir is revealed to the other players. keep an eye on the visible part of the other players faqir. for example, if one of the players has revealed a side that shows three holes, avoid placing three nails in a row (unless of course you need them for your own faqir.)”

now miss von walkowuori, you have until november to recover and prepare london for sweet moi.

*that would be the same certain people that were talking about not attending any kräftis of mine again



  1. Stefan · · Reply

    I think the alcohol has had a detrimental affect on your enthusiastic math skills:

    CA + CE =
    phonetically close enough to SHIT (at least in German)


    1. i wasn’t the one doing the maths yesterday morning… 😀

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