look! i’ve changed the appearance of the blog a bit.. the fog has lifted and been replaced by one of my all-time favourite pics – one that i took in basel back in june 2009.

i had hoped to get similar sun flowers at gerby this year, but for some reason they just.. well.. a picture says more than a thousand words, so… and yeah, note that the white thing is nothing but an old folded chair, appr. 45 cm.

the really perceptive reader also notices that i changed the troubled-looking photo of me from summer 2010. i’m no longer looking back, only forward… the autumn at least will be loads of fun – before december i can during the week be found in helsinki and during weekends in stockholm, copenhagen, turku (well, close enough), tallinn, valletta, copenhagen again and london. i’ve told my mother i’ll see her for christmas.

however. this does NOT mean i’m looking forward to winter per se..


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  1. miguel · · Reply

    Damn the circumstances and full speed ahead….!!!!!!

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