me and my bright ideas

In the beginning of the month I decided I wanted to keep summer for as long as possible. I thought I’d welcome autumn better if I first got tired  of summer and so I declared at work I wouldn’t wear jeans or other long legged trousers until September.

During these last weeks I’ve gotten many compliments, the best one so far was the woman who said I look like I’m going to a midsummer dance instead of boring work. Looking around in the lunch restaurant I could see what she was saying, everyone was wearing black, dark blue, brow or grey clothes. And shoes that needed socks. I really stood out in my flowery dress and apricot coloured toe nails sticking out of a pair of yellow sandals..

However. Today it’s raining cats and dogs out there. It looks cold as hell and I’m really regretting my decision. Why do I have to be so stubborn?



  1. miguel · · Reply

    Keep it up!!! Down with Pleasantville!!
    Here I am sockless too (but no merit, it’s still quite hot).

  2. Did you go to the lunch restaurant??? Wasn’t that as well a decision, not to go there? Have fun at work! 😉

    1. haha, well yes, but… they have a new boss and she’s actually very nice!! 😀

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