raindrops keep falling…

that little rant i had yesterday about the weather… well. today it’s colder.

on a bright note however, i’ve actually learned to like leggings. yes. i know. i once stated i’d never ever… last year i started carefully with one pair that i wore about a handful of times with that “midsummer dance”-flowery dress that’s simply too short on its own. last week i bought two new pairs and now i’m thinking of hundreds of combinations how to make autumn versions of summer clothes i’m not yet ready to let go off.. what’s wrong with me?



  1. miguel · · Reply

    Horizontal or vertical stripes????

    1. not _that_ modern… one black pair and one off-white.

      but now you gave me an idea.

  2. miguel · · Reply


  3. miguel · · Reply

    Oh, and Pleasantville is that film where the whole town is in black and white until people start loosening up and ennjoying thelselves get coloured in: “As a reaction, the town fathers announce a list of rules preventing people from visiting the library, playing loud music, or using paint colors other than black, white or gray”

  4. miguel · · Reply

    My typing’s getting worse every day!! I meant “until people start loosening up and enjoying themselves and then they get coloured in”!!

    1. hahaha… having a good day miguel? 😉

  5. Secret: because of the crisis the analysts are not asking for outside analysis (which has to be paid for and we can’t afford to spend more), so here I’ve been for two weeks with not an awful lot on my hands….. The analysts are not writing anything themselves because they’re all on holiday… Now I’m off on a week’s holiday to the troll-stuga up north (but taking a 138-page translation to work on)…. España….

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