big brother

apparently the shittiest programme of this millennium is starting again tonight here in finland. please spare me.

apparently they nowadays broadcast 24/7 on a special Big Brother- pay channel.

WHO in their right mind would a) WATCH big brother and b) PAY for it??!?!? like… EVER??!


p.s. still wearing a dress and bare legs… last day. thank god, it’s raining and about 12 degrees…



  1. miguel · · Reply

    But the new season of Big Bang Theory is approaching…. Meanwhile, settle down with a good book… Did you ever read “A Suitable Boy”?? Very long but good winter reading (

    1. nope. i am currently reading “the summer without men” and “shantaram”. and then i got that ukrainian tractor book from the uk a few days ago. so i have my nights saved for this week at least 😉

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