28 min.

my computer at work is so slow that during the time it has been starting up i have been

  • distributing the snail mail to the department
  • making coffee
  • washing up my dirty mug from yesterday so that i could enjoy my fresh coffee
  • reading the daily paper
  • putting on a layer of nail polish (well, what do you expect? … i need access to e-mail and various programmes to be able to do any work at all here..)
  • writing this on my iphone

yesterday one of the professors’ computer died in the middle of him trying to put together results from his last exam. he had to use the assistant’s (no, not the assistant but the department’s) for the rest of the day. it was a very happy afternoon at the department.

if anyone feels like donating us a few computers (working ones that is..) – please feel free to do so.


  1. Sounds like an average day at a Spanish office….

    1. even the nail polish?

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