chia and the boys

omg, i had completely forgot. or rather suppressed. the really last cruise to stockholm. it wasn’t the one i told you about, it was one that was even… worse. during lunch with a friend from those days some mental images started popping up. we couldn’t remember all the details, but someone had got a free cruise and since one of the lads had to skip i got called in instead. so off we went; mr gay june, casanova, snuffe and… well. me.

my memories are very fragmental, but they involve people being pushed around in shopping trolleys (the security guards really didn’t like this), snuffles almost getting killed by a tattooed bloke (with green hair or something similar) after calling him gay, and a weird game called vodkaspillet where you had to be agents (either “us” or “them”). we never really understood the game and the pictures i now recall having at home are the kinds you don’t show in public.

some things, and memories, are better left hidden.

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