stockholm. now there’s a place with some messed up memories. i have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with that city, weird stuff always seem to happen there. or on the way there. i used to think it was on the way there, so i begun always chosing the air instead of the sea, but lately it seems it doesn’t really matter. i always return home with somewhat of a “what-just-hit-me”-feeling.

hence, when S asked if i want to join for a turn with her and her beau i thought it might be time to return to the scene of the crime. so.. i’m going on a cruise! whoa! i’m so excited! haha… i don’t even recall being on a booze-cruuz since my little adventure with Mo.G back in 2002…

we had been partying all weekend and still drunk as two sailors on sunday we decided to follow some swedes home.. literally. the best part of the idea was that we managed to get the two last ONE WAY tickets… via home to get our tooth brushes and off we went. had a ball. at least up until later in the evening when i apparently was sobering up for some reason and suddenly did the maths. if the real party had been on saturday and the swedes were returning it must be sunday and if it’s sunday it’s bound to be monday tomorrow and i… have a full-time job these days.. oh shit.

and so it happened that my boss got a text he still teases me about. nine years later he’s still waiting for the time someone will call him for a reference and he will have the guts to tell that person about how i just might not make it to work because i’m on a one way trip across the pond.

the next day in stockholm was not nice i tell you. we were trying to get tickets back, which proved to be a bit of a challenge. and in the middle of things my friend C called. he was wondering if i knew where his new ray bans were, last time he had seen them i had run around laughing with them. “eh yeah.. don’t worry, i’m wearing them right now… no, you can’t come to the office to get them…well.. they’re kind of at stureplan with me… know it’s mondaythankyouverymuch..yes of course my boss knows..i don’t know if i have a job anymore…no, i don’t have a ticket home i haven’t married a swede, wtf do you think of me..oh stop laughing mister, you were just as drunk as i was..whatdoyoumean you’re not the one stuck in stockh..ohjustshutupbye”

all well that ends well, we got tickets back. and my work? well… i tried sneaking in unnoticed, my boss was on the phone. i thought i had made it all the way to my office when i hear him saying to whoever was on the other end “i’m sorry, i have to go now. chia has just returned from a non-autherised cruise, i am going to go stand in her door, point a finger at her and laugh my head off, hoping she has one helluva hangover”



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