chia goes bridget jones

there’s a first for everything. yesterday i managed to break a dress due to me being too fat. yes. me. fat. stop laughing. it wasn’t fun. i was supposed to wear that dress on saturday. oh well, it was old, i thought and went to the closet to take out the next one. couldn’t find it. a freaking ball gown, completely gone. disappeared. great. neeeext…. njaa… hmm… i’d rather not, too.. gloomy. so..

facing a final fear here now. have to take the one i wore a year ago in stockholm. i don’t know if i can handle it just yet, have to think about it. it might be i’ll bring another one along, just in case..

and returning to the first topic, me being fat all of a sudden, i’m now on a diet. found the perfect one when googling – the champagne diet. leaving out sugar and other unnecessary carbs, replacing them with protein and fibres and (tadaa!) champagne will apparently make you lose weight. me like!



  1. Be glad it happened a few days BEFORE the event. I managed to break my dress while already on the road to the ball… and still I glad it happend in the car and not on the dancefloor!!!… THAT would have been embarrassing! :-S

    1. haha!!! it’s a good thing we’re both people with a good sense of humour!

  2. Don’t worry, Chia, I’m sure it’s just a momentary blip plus the fabric was won….
    I think I’ve burst three pairs of trousers over the past year…. Stress makes me eat. In 1986 I weighed 55 kg… now gone up to an alarming 89 kg (last year I got back to 80 but then stress showed its ugly head), so must get on a diet to return to around 75. My post-summer resolution, along with the Swedish language…

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