a love called gaina, part II*

gaina 2007

you know how a dream you had during the night just won’t leave you? today i’m having one of those days. i woke up an hour before i needed to (and two hours before i actually got up… mental note to self: find that wake up light of yours…) and simply could not understand it had all been a dream.

it was a simple dream. i was all alone at gerby, packing up after summer. the last thing i had to pack was gaina’s stuff. i knew she didn’t like being in helsinki, but i had no choice to take her there. dad was gone, mum had moved and she could not survive on her own. i was happy to take her with me, hadn’t seen her for so long it seemed. but then mum turned up, saying i cannot take her. don’t you remember? she asked. and that’s when i woke up.

i do miss her. still.

* a love called gaina

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