the road to happiness

i decided to take a little breather this weekend. sleep in and start the day with breakfast in bed followed by a walk in the crispy autumn air. eat some chocolate by the open fire. drink a glass of red with a friend i haven’t seen in ages. spend some quality time with my mum and her sister. let my nieces treat me to warm homemade apple pie.

it was much-needed. after a night of insomnia i’ve realised it’s monday. big time. anyone wants a dysfunctional computer?…



  1. When I was at College I woke up in a panic one morning thinking I’d overslept. I put my clothes on in about 15 seconds, grabbed my books, ran down the stairs and crossed the quadrangle at full speed and then it suddenly dawned on me that it was Sunday… Came to a sudden halt, turned round and walked slowly back to my room trying to look unconcerned… V. embarrasing…

  2. Thats some significant blog post

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