angry bird

i’m so utterly frustrated with stupid people today. and for some reason they all seem to be out and about right now… it all started this morning when i heard on the radio that a daycare center in vaasa only serves fat-free milk to the children even though parents have been asking them to give the kids normal or light milk. the daycare lady said there’s no scientific evidence stating kids need the fat in milk, hence… why not just give them water and crisp bread without butter you stupid cow?

not to mention all idiots that had clogged up my e-mail since i left work yesterday. what’s up with all these stupid questions? read the instructions for how to apply to courses or how to submit your thesis or how to get your degree certificate, you have to do these things by yourself, i cannot manually do it for all of you, goddamnit, do i look like your mother?!?

and yes. i recognise this just might be some sort of pms or something talking, so.. well.. just, stay away from me today, i might breathe fire. going to press this button and try to survive the rest of the day. which by the way is the autumnal equinox.. do i need to say anything about that or can you figure out yourselves what i think of it?

happy weekend. or something.


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