fångad av en stormvind*

haven’t written anything about the assistant in a while. how’s he doing, is he still around, is he still alive? you might be wondering. well. yes. i think. barely.. a few weeks ago i heard stories about him drooling in fetus position under his desk. might have been another urban legend though.

earlier today i went down there to bribe him with coffee, i need to use his computer later tonight (since i have neither photoshop nor indesign myself.) one might think he was thankful for the coffee. but nooo.. he shot me. yes. really. with an airzooka. thanks a lot dude.

actually. it did wonders to my hairdo…

* an old swedish eurovision song contest winner, translates into “captured by a storm wind”


One comment

  1. Måste faktiskt söka upp sången “Fången av en stormvind” på Spotify, för att komma på vilken sång du menade. Ibland är min hjärna lite trög! En gammal klassiker 🙂

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