i stay where i stand

i’m losing readers. dunno why actually, you tell me. am i not funny enough anymore? not deep enough? i think i’ll blame facebook. it’s usually their fault.

anyway. monday morning. as you see i have my priorities as straight as always – i’m beginning with a pause. coffee, a few important e-mails and a blog post. and this beautiful song. take five, click the link and listen. let the words sink in.

gavin degraw: where you are

have a great week!



  1. miguel · · Reply

    Blame it on the boogie, like Michael Jackson…

  2. renavhoe · · Reply

    Chia, you lost readers as first time this summer the weather in central europe has improved!! Sunshine sunshine sunshine 🙂 so the people don’t spend their free time inside but rush out to enjoy … just wait, they’ll come back

    Lots and lots and lots of love from belgian cowcountry, your trendsetter-friend ;-)))

  3. miguel · · Reply

    Told you so, they’re all out there boogieing…

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