service minded sloths

malta was lovely. beautiful venues, delicious food and great parties with even greater friends from all over europe. loved it!

two things i didn’t like though: the weather (come on… i tried to get away from the cold and what do i get? a cold from being too cold in malta. beat that!) and the maltese so-called service: the taxis tried to rip you off all the time (the nicest taxi driver i stumbled upon was actually italian,) the cashiers could be mistaken for sloths and the airport staff just didn’t care. the people at our hotel took the price in rudeness however…

picture this. you meet up with friends you haven’t seen for a very long time. the drinks are cheap (really cheap) and the music is on in paceville. you party like there’s no tomorrow since you know you have no plans for the next day. you know you can sleep in and then enjoy a nice day in the sun before the cocktail gathering next evening. you stumble into bed around four in the morning.

at 8.15 am the hotel phone suddenly rings. “good mooorning madam, is everything okay with your room?” ….eeh.. yes? “good, thank you and goodbye!”

i mean. WTF?!?

same thing monday morning. you get note the evening before that a car will pick you up and drive you to the airport at 5.35 am. they call you at 5.05 with an awfully chirpy voice “good mooorning madam, your car is waiting, please be down within two minutes.”

i did have a very pleasant weekend and i did enjoy myself very much. but i did also write quite a nasty remark on the feedback sheet the hotel provided me with.



  1. Oj nej, ush. Och att bli väckt 8.15 för ingeting viktigt. Grrr… säger jag bara!

    1. Ja, inte sant… Men det blev ju en rolig historia istället. Ett par killar som hade kommit dagen innan hade fått besök av städaren 8.30 första morgonen. Man kan gott påstå att ingen av oss sku rekommendera hotellet ifråga…

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