autumn cleaning

i am putting myself on a shopping ban. effective immediately. i am not to shop any more clothes (especially not expensive dresses, i do have enough of those for a while now), shoes (see reason above), jewellery (i can always borrow from my mum if i for some reason think i don’t have suitable diamonds or pearls to go with above mentioned dresses), bags (omg..), purses (…), nail polish (have lost count of the bottles i already have), make up (not going to even enter a cosmetics shop, especially not at airports) books (my book shelves are full, i am already bringing books to gerby in order not to stumble on them here all the time), magazines (they really are just a waste of money), curtains, cushions, table cloths, bed linen, towels, kitchen supplies …

i’m not going to buy anything i can’t eat or drink or wash clothes in. not even shampoo as i’ve realised i have about six half-full bottles of that.

didn’t i do this once this year already? and if so, didn’t i learn anything from that?… where the hell does all this STUFF come from?


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