and so it begins. that time of year when it’s dark when you go to work and it’s equally dark when you leave. in other words, the sun just went up here in helsinki (8.26 am) and it will set at 5.40 pm making the day a little more than nine hours long.

don’t get me wrong. i am actually not complaining. yet. it’s quite okay. but i know… i know what this will do to me, to everyone, mentally. the energy levels will go down. the amount of sleep needed will go up. and with the darkness comes the coldness. soon it will take over. you will have to put on so much clothes that you will sweat before you reach the door. and god knows what happens if you don’t manage to get those same clothes off quickly when you return back in. you will try to get that coat open. your scarf will get caught in your zip. the sweat will rise within minutes. the faster you try to untangle yourself from your bag and your scarf and your cap and your mittens and your damn hot coat the warmer you will feel. most likely the more problems you have the more people will be watching you. some [idiot] will ask if you need help, others will see on the look on your face that that question is the last one you want to hear. by the time you finally get out of all those excess clothes your red face looks like you have just finished a marathon, you feel like something the cat dragged in and you don’t need a mirror to know that if you have longer hair than 3mm it will most likely be licked to your forehead and standing up in every direction of the compass. at the same time.

not complaining. only saying. mark my word. it has begun.


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