law of attraction

literally ran into a colleague today. she said “oh, it’s you!” and started beaming like the sun. i must have looked like a question mark so she continued with a bright smile “i don’t know why, but i just became so happy to see you! i really don’t know why…” since i’m wearing a mustard coloured scarf my mum called sunny the other day, i smiled back at her and mumbled something about my scarf perhaps? “might be, but not the scarf alone, it’s… i don’t know. but seeing you of all people right now made me happy, have a great day!” she ended the short conversation before both of us continued in our separate directions.

needless to say, she made my day!

on top of that, i just got an e-mail from another colleague telling me i apparently made his day by the way i had expressed myself earlier.

what goes around comes around. spread happiness and you will receive happiness. it really is as simple as that.


One comment

  1. Always look on the bright side and be nice to people unless you’re feeling really bloodyminded and rhen it’s quite nice to let yourself go from time to time…

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