late autumn. time to get yourself a diary for 2012. the university staff is sending in orders to the poor bastard who took over my previous job. i call him a poor bastard because i know the chaos this calendar thing will bring, mostly because the supplier for some reason always seems to mess up each and every order.

apparently the assistant (still like to call him that for some reason) is starting to see the reasons for my breakdowns when it came to that specific supplier (i named the dude adhd since he’s a complete mess). after trying to sort out the last shipment the assistant has come to the conclusion this is what must have been going through the head of adhd.

i wonder.. they didn’t really order this, but it’s a nice one and maybe they’ll appreciate the gesture i don’t know but it’s worth a shot i mean who would want that calendar? nono it must have been some error, they much rather want that one, yes definitely that one. omg how nice i am. i bet they will thank me. i wonder how chia is doing, this new guy is rather weird but chia was too so i don’t know but in any case they get more calendars..

i couldn’t agree more.


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