about a boy

once upon a time in a country far far away there was a boy. even though he did not come from the country in question originally, he thought himself to be quite average, living quite a normal student life, facing quite ordinary every day questions.

at the same time in a different part of town there was a woman reasonably pissed off with the situation she was in. even though she was english high educated vip boss she did not like it at that particular moment in time. you see, she had just had to sack her assistant and she was now facing the usual ordeal with looking for, hiring and teaching some new moron the daily life of the little shop she ran in the basement of the university. she let out her frustrations in a text to one of her best friends. the answer she got was “when you’ve calmed down, give me a ring. i have just the guy for you”…

and so it came that a few days later this normal boy came trembling in to the office of the english high educated vip boss.

as it turned out, the boss wasn’t all that scary. in fact, she was mad as hatter. and soon it started rubbing off. a year down the road she found herself wondering if the boy was a nutter to begin with or if she had made him that way… he, on the other hand, was still convinced his life was quite ordinary, with the exception of the weird things that seemed to happen at work.

but soon there was no turning back. the road he had embarked upon when agreeing to come to the office that friday afternoon in late january 2009 had sealed his fate.

the boy is no longer the assistant. he can no longer call himself ordinary. he can no longer call his life normal. the weirdness of the basement got to him in the end. slowly but surely he is losing his marbles. he now goes under the name ib killen. you can like him on facebook. please do it.


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