in the loo with mr darcy

had dinner at this cosy little pub in the middle of nowhere last saturday. the girls had tried to convince me i need to go to the loo the whole evening and so just before we left i went. it was a cute little place, the walls were all painted but i did wonder why the girls had been so keen on sending me in there. that’s until i closed the door and revieled what was behind it.  suddenly i was thrown back in time and space and found myself in a rowing boat on a still lake…

now mr darcy, how do you expect a lady to go about her business with you gazing at her with that pair of fine eyes...

and then, trying to look another way, you spot this happening next to you…

them english chaps sure know how to behave in the presence of a lady...



  1. renavhoe · · Reply

    haha, great!!!!!!

    1. there’s an idea for your next home…

  2. renavhoe · · Reply

    Lots of love from cowcountry!!! 🙂

    1. love that expression…

  3. I certainly will not have him on my loo, thanks very much…

    1. hahahaa… it was a bit disturbing.. i laughed my head off and then i thought, what if someone comes in to the ladies and hears me laughing in there… then i laughed some more.

      and that’s when i saw the reflection of the peeing man..

      1. Haha, definitely a pee-stopper for me!!!! I think anybody staring at me would probably have that effect!


    Vilken genialisk idé!!! Jag skulle också ha suttit och gapskrattat. Man blir antagligen smått generad över att ha Mr. Darcy övervaka ens bestyr… Undrar hur många som kysst den där dörren på vägen ut? 😉


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