one step closer

i’m sorry. i’m being rude, impatient and irritated these days. it’s simply because my back is experiencing a new form of autch… dunno what’s happened to the damned thing, it has been so great since i decided it was time to leave all old troubles behind in august. anyway, i am trying not to let it get to me, but it’s a bit difficult. so just please, be patient with me… i’m not really in a bad mood, i’m just in pain and really really tired because of it.

to make this post a tad happier, i want to share a song. heard it on the radio the other day and even though i’m not normally particularly fond of female singers, this beautiful song instantly spoke to me.

i wish i could sing.

and no, i’m not a twilight fan. there’s just something about this song…



  1. Chronic pain is really difficult to put up with (had the impression you weren’t well this week). Just try to think of Mr Darcy sitting on his loo, trying to look hopelessly gallant and dashing… (although this might only be only a momentary distraction)
    PS I quite like female singers (nice voices), but am now enjoying Bo Kaspers Orkester (which I discovered thanks to you, earning you a plus point on your karma!)

  2. Oh, and I can’t sing either…

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