problem of the week

something happened to my english the other day. it disappeared. i couldn’t find the words and the words i did manage to blur out sounded an awfully lot like something mika häkkinen would say. lovely. just brewed myself a whole pot of tea to try to sort out this little dilemma.

still at a loss for words i’m leaving you with this inspirational poster.


and yes. the back is much better, thank you very much. it just has a nice little knack for going out whenever i’m in denial regarding something i find a bit stressing.


One comment

  1. Congratulations! You are well on the way to becoming English. Making a pot of tea is the beginning to start solving a problem. This is how we defeated Hitler. Make tea, let it brew, add milk, sip, and things start to become clearer (if they don’t, just ignore them, have some more tea and munch a chocolate biscuit). Doesn’t matter if the Nazis (or whoever) are bombing you: just sit back, enjoy your tea and pretend they’re not there. Bloody foreigners (this does not include our Nordic cousins)…
    PS This is not intended to be a serious comment!

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