i see you

You know how it is, how the mood you wake up in sets the tone for the day to come. Since there’s been one helluva storm stuck over Finland these last 24 hours one might think it would’ve affected me, but weirdly enough, it hasn’t. I woke up this morning with one thought and one thought only: I see you.

I’ve seen Avatar once (had the worst hangover ever that new year’s day, still feel nauseous just thinking about it) and didn’t even find the story in itself that remarkable but somehow.. two years later it suddenly returned to me in that one sentence and it has kept me in a philosophical state all day.

We all need to be seen. We all need to be loved. We must not fear to love nor to be loved. Even we who like to spend time alone need to let people in. Who knows what the future might bring.

I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions but this I promise myself; I promise to leave all my fears, negative thoughts and other issues on this year’s side. I promise to take with me only the good stuff, in whatever form it may come. I promise to take care of myself (because I’m worth it) so that I can help others when they stumble and fall. I promise to see you even when it’s too dark for you to see me.

What do you promise?


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