phoenix chia

not all bad though - was rewarded a badge of merit for the years at ib

after a few, for different reasons, exhausting weeks i’m more or less ready to declare mental bankruptcy. take my snow shovel and dig my way to gerby, light a fire and then go to sleep. for a week. at least

it’s been tough, and it still is. bad news coming in from all over, and with the return of the sun you’re supposed to be all cheery and happy again.. on top of things people keep reminding me my birthday’s coming up. i know that, thank you very much. do i feel like celebrating? no. not this time. at all. sorry.

gerby is unfortunately not an alternative just yet, but i do think i will need to break down a little this weekend. reduce myself to ashes so that i can rise again, reborn anew.

until paris..



  1. Miguel · · Reply

    The darkest hour is one hour before dawn….

    1. so i’ve been telling myself… the last few years for different reasons.. gaaah!

  2. Miguel · · Reply

    Never lose hope!!!!

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