found this card in berlin and decided to give it to myself

it’s monday. i survived. the sun is shining and i decided to leave the warmer coat in the closet. it’s a good start at least.

however, the bad news just keep popping in. but older and wiser (hrmh..) i’ve also decided to learn from the worst of them and bravely tackle all the problems that i have the power to do something about. life is too precious and short, and you never know when your time is up.

so. problem no. 57 – due to a postponed wedding i suddenly have a free weekend in brussels in one month. anyone up for a little trip? spring shopping, beer and waffles at the grand place, partying and of course chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. but above all, a weekend away.


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  1. Miguel · · Reply

    That’s a good start…. And it’s good to see the word “post” preceding the word “breakdown” (now in the past, where it should be?)….

  2. Miguel · · Reply

    Oh, and nice card!!!

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