den hostande hönan*

i don’t think there’s been a single week this winter when everyone’s been well at my office. every week there has been at least one person coughing or sneezing, or at home with a sick child. they have all, one by one, come into my room, huffing and puffing and snuffling, talking about what they need to do still before going home and giving in. high fevers, a-virus, b-virus, swine flu. you name it, they’ve had it. everyone except me. i haven’t even gotten remotely bitten by any little bug.

so, imagine my annoyance when i’m now huffing, and puffing, and snuffling, and sneezing, and coughing. AFTER A LITTLE SNOW IN BRUSSELS.

the worst part is, i’m not nearly ill enough to actually call in sick. no fever, no headaches, no other aches. just enough to disturb daily life.

and definitely enough to feel the need for some red wine later today…

* den hostande hönan means the coughing hen, a nickname i was once given some 10 odd years ago. i always seem to catch these coughs…

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