beach 2013

i’ve been on a diet for two weeks and all i’ve lost is fourteen days…

certainly feels that way right now. deciding to go on a diet in the middle of birthday season in our family was perhaps not the smartest idea in the world.

“you? on a diet? but you don’t need that” is perhaps the most common sentence i’ve heard this last fortnight. i can relate to that. i know i don’t look like a meatball. not yet anyway. but when not only one and two, but ten and twelve, pieces of clothes start feeling like they’re two sizes too small, you have to realise it’s not your wardrobe shrinking them. not to mention when your mother’s bathroom scales show figures you’ve never seen before.. for me however, the final nail in the coffin was seeing a picture of myself that even made ME wonder if i was pregnant…

so. in the age of iThis and iThat, i found an app to solve my little dilemma. (and, no, this is not a paid commercial post, i’m giving you this tip for free..) it’s called MyNetDiary, and you’re supposed to register every single thing you put into your mouth, (okay, that didn’t come out right… but you know what i mean..) and then the app will do all calculations for you and tell you what you need to improve, how and when. already after a few days you are hooked on charts and measurements, and you start planning your daily intake of calories, realising it will not end well if you skip meals and go home hungry to a cupboard full of easter chocolate.

i always knew i ate a few too many bits of chocolate, but i never realised the rest of my diet was so… utterly bad! not only was my daily intake of vitamin C and D sad, my iron intake was simply dreadful. urgh!

now, a little more than two weeks since downloading the app, i’ve not only lost a few pounds, i’ve started eating much healthier. my new must-have-every-day is no longer a box of chocolates, it’s a handful of home-made sugar- and gluten free berry-banana-cookies.

and. weirdest of all. i eat them as some sort of breakfast. yes, you read right. me. breakfast. go figure.


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