bad hair day

last year i introduced you to the hugh-grant-do. not a fun hair situation to wake up to. but. at least that one can be tamed with my flattening iron. the sally-spectra-do cannot.


you remember sally spectra? the shit-crazy conniving creation-stealing business woman from the soap-opera everyone watched 20 years ago.

anyway. after joking about it back in the days, i think i’m finally turning into her. this morning i got quite a scare when looking in the bathroom mirror. sadly, i couldn’t get my phone to capture how wild it really looked… (the pic to the left is after trying to tame it, mind you..)

it ended with me coming to work as sporty spice. a tight ponytail and several pins will most likely give me a headache in a few hours, but right now, it really is for the best.




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