spring cleaning

finally getting home from work friday afternoon, post-hair-fiasco, i decided to stay in. read a good book, go to bed early. get up in a sensible time and start a vast spring cleaning…

which i actually did. was quite the cleaning lady if i may say so myself. while i was washing my windows it hit me that i never did that last year, for some reason i, at that point, couldn’t really seem to recall. i never changed curtains either, something i do every spring and autumn. that means i hadn’t washed my curtains for about a year and a half. no wonder i have been sneezing so much lately.

taking out the trash, i had a chat with our caretaker who promised to bring out my bike from its hibernation. speaking to him i realised i hadn’t used my bike at all last year either, and then i remembered some of the reasons. it had all started with the flu of the decade, (except for those annoying coughs, i get ill about every five years or so) so there went the first weeks of spring. when the last cough was over, and the usage of handkerchiefs back to normal, i woke up with a bad wry-neck, making it quite impossible for me to be out in traffic on a bike. not to mention washing any windows. it took me a month to be able to turn my neck properly again, and by that time, the summer rains had already started. then i spent a month at gerby, and when i got back, the autumn rains begun.

thinking about my life in general last year, i couldn’t but wonder, did 2012 exist at all? can’t say i enjoyed anything during winter and spring, summer i couldn’t really be bothered to do anything that didn’t include sleeping or family, and autumn.. well.. autumn is all a rainy blur in my head, combined with some reasonably fun weekends in germany, the netherlands, and right here in helsinki (those two whole weekends i did spend here – one hen and the wedding that followed..)

so. maybe 2012 didn’t happen. it was all a (bad) dream, almost completely forgotten by now.


with a keen eye on the future

anyway. back to saturday. i continued my quest for making my place nice again. did some small repairs and adjustments, simply said, fixed all energy consuming small issues that i have neglected for a year. put up my newly washed curtains and thought to myself that maybe i have been biting off more than i can chew. dreaming of something i’ll never get. maybe, just maybe, it’s okay living here, in this godforsaken country, after all.

and that’s when the whole curtain wire snapped and came down, taking a chunk of the wall with it, and almost cutting a poor potted flower in half.

i just stood there, looking at the disaster at hand. uttered a simple “okay”, picked up the curtains, and decided to take a shower.

at least my hair was back to normal.


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