when your hair is in the driver’s seat

okay. let’s continue hair talk. so far i’ve shown you the hugh-grant-do, the sally-spectra-do, and the comic-strip-do. i’m sure you have enjoyed my little cavalcade of insane coiffures.

rest assured – i haven’t. but that’s just the way it is. i’m used to it. my hair always sets the tone for the day to come.

a friend recently said that this pic made her think of me. understandably. i couldn’t agree more.


(c) demdach 2013

(c) demdahc 2013

they may be scarce, but there are some days.. days that even i myself get blown away. days that i would not trade a single straw on my head for anything.

i had a couple of days like that recently. i merely had a glance at the flattening iron before heading out the door. a few people actually asked me what shampoo i was using that day, and i could only tell the truth – the free one at the hotel…so, if it’s not the shampoo doing it, it must be the water in amsterdam vs the water in helsinki.

i think my hair is trying to tell me something.

and yes. for those still wondering. that is my real colour.


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