the house god forgot



so. i have this house… this annoying little house from the 1920’s, with more twists and turns than you can possible imagine. i don’t live here all the time – which is good, i just might lose it totally if i had to do that – but, i do love being here, and as it’s only an hour’s drive from helsinki, i am here quite often.

however, just because you love something doesn’t mean you have to like it… especially not when you suddenly find your shower in your sitting room, and literally get ants in your pants when your forest becomes your loo.


me looking at house.

the other night i had a nightmare, which is weird as i don’t usually have nightmares, but these last few months i’ve had several.. anyway, it was about the house turning on me, the script for the dream clearly written by stephen king, and in the end it was obvious no-one was going to survive. i was actually so anxious after the dream that i chose to stay at home yesterday and drive out early this morning instead… being here, i can’t but laugh. or rather, it’s either that or crying out of frustration.


pipes, pipes, come out wherever you are…

bob the builder and his merry men have been here during the week, they were supposed to tear down ceiling and tapestry in the sitting room so that the faulty pipe could be found, and the dryers could come in. i can only imagine the faces on the men when they tear all down, only to find.. concrete. no pipes anywhere, only wet concrete. apparently some smart-ass back in the days hid all plumbing in between double layers of concrete.and took all drawings with him to the grave – a grave my father wanted to go and pee on for forty years, something i understand more and more every day i spend here.

all this threw me into a möbius band, much like the catch 22 i’m experiencing re london. i got on the phone with the insurance bloke, who told me he won’t make any decision until he sees a pipe and exactly where the leak is, and told me to call the dryer company, as they have agreed to take care of things. the chap there stated he can’t do squat, he doesn’t even understand where the pipes are, this house is a tad interesting… “but bob the builder has agreed to come out with a plumber to turn on the water again and see if they can locate any leaks…” so i called bob the builder who laughed “hell no, what’s the use of a plumber right now, we need to tear up the whole bathroom floor to even locate the pipes, but we can’t do that unless the insurance gives us clearance, otherwise it might get nasty for you in the end”

my solution? simple. i just booked flights to the riviera.



  1. Jag förstår att du bokade flyget till Rivieran 🙂
    Men det är ju ett härligt hus, jag var där och intervjuade din pappa då han skulle fylla… 60? Tror jag. Och så gjorde jag nåt växtfärgningsreportage med din mamma.
    Kanske det bor nåt litet spöke i huset. Känner du obehag ska du bara säga rakt ut i rummen att du inte vill bli skrämd i ditt eget hem, det brukar funka.

    1. Haha, jovars, härligt må det vara, men det retar mig ändå till vansinne ibland.. 😀 spökena visade jag var skåpet ska stå ren då tog över här, vi har vårt på det lugna, det är mer huset i sig som ibland har sina fasoner och vägrar samarbeta. Jag ska försöka muta det med lite lavendelpåsar tror jag..

      1. Ja, huset lever ju – så du får försöka muta det 🙂
        Tror nog huset gillar dig, kanske det därför ställer till det för dig, för att det vill att du ska vara där 🙂

      2. Aah, den teorin hade jag inte tänkt på.. hrmh, nåjo, det får nog tyvärr finna sig i att dela mig med resten av Europa 😀

      3. Du får säga åt huset att nu är det så här, du har ett rörligt jobb, men du lovar ta hand om huset ändå – förutsatt att det inte blir FÖR bångstyrigt 😀

  2. Miguel · · Reply

    Withdraw into your zen consciousness (in normal everyday English, this means brew some tea, have yourself a cuppa and go off and enjoy the Riviera)… Then return once they’ve found the bloody pipes and repaired them… Of course, you are most welcome to relocate your holidays to sometimes-sunny Santander (sea, beach, countryside) courtesy of your friends the Avendaños…

    1. Be careful what you wish for there 😉 but really looking forward to Côté d’azur! Spent a month there after getting my master’s, have been wanting and waiting to return ever since, if only for five days.

  3. Miguel · · Reply

    Lovely yellow house, by the way…

    1. thank you, by the way 🙂

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