once the assistant, always the assistant?

do you remember the assistant?* well, technically he hasn’t been my assistant for two years, but seeing as we still work in the same building, we still keep in close contact. anyway. got a facebook message from him today. or rather, several… with his permission, i’m going to quote…

I forgot to tell you
I read your posts about this and everything
so NATURALLY (!?!?!?) on saturday, I dreamt that for some reason (wasn’t specified) I was filthy rich.
So I up and decided to help you out at gerby. I bought planks. And cement. And nails. And like… EVERYTHING I thought you needed for the house. I even hired a huge ass truck to come deliver it.
We arrive in said huge truck full of stuff enough to build Versailles all over again.
You’re not home so we just dump the contents of the truck on the lawn and I kicked back in a lawnchair waiting for the inevitable praise and “holy jesus you are awesome kims”
So you arrived and your reaction wasn’t exactly what I expected. You were FURIOUS…

50k worth of BobBuilderMaterial and it turned out you didn’t need a single thing in the (HUGE) pile of stuff and now they were just laying around on your lawn doing nothing.

I woke up feeling that I had to go to gerby and clean up
was so messed up
i feel bad for the bloke.. i really do. i’m sorry kim, i would love a pile of building stuff. i didn’t mean to yell at you!
* if you are a new reader, please go to other posts tagged assistant. you’ll have a laugh, i promise.

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