radio gaga

now that was unexpected… a few hours after i posted my views on my beloved (?) homeland yesterday, i received a call from the radio. somehow mr reporter convinced me to show up for a live on air discussion about the threats shown towards us swedish speaking finns, and why i want to leave instead of fight.

my first reaction was to run the other direction, but as i keep having this same discussion with people who have already left, or are like me planning to, i felt i perhaps should get this point brought out in the open as well. because it is a fact – young, well educated people (women mainly for some reason) decide to leave as they do not feel that finland is not their country any more. they (we) do not feel welcome here any more. so why should we stay when we’re obviously not wanted?

if you’re interested, you can find the programme here: (in swedish).

now i need to focus on next adventure at hand: a weekend in moscow.. with the foghorn. i have a feeling it will get absurd.


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