clogged chi(a)

i think it’s spelled qi in english, but chi kind of suited better in the headline, don’t you agree..

the ancient chinese described qi as “life force”, and traditional chinese medicine asserts that the body has natural patterns of qi that circulate in channels called meridians. symptoms of various illnesses are believed to be the product of blocked or unbalanced qi.

since my visit to the torturer in london in january, my back has been fairly good. the last four-five years i’ve been going to a massage therapist, or a physiotherapist, once or twice a month, but recently i realised i have seen neither since last year.. fascinating. anyway. during my visit to the company nurse a few weeks ago, we talked about life in general, and as it turned out we were quite similar in many aspects, she told me she had started going to a chinese massage centre, and hence, i decided to give it a try. not that my back has been particularly bad, i just felt a slight stiffness in my neck and some headache to go with it.

so there i was yesterday, in a spacious and all feng shui:ed room, being treated by a small chinese girl called mia (“that is her finnish name, you will not remember her chinese name until next time”). with being treated i of course mean being tortured again. i could HEAR my muscles going croinx croinx, and when she pressed a spot on the backside of my knee, my whole body twisted.

when i finally stumbled out of the room, the woman in the reception looked at me with an evil smile and asked “it hurt, yes?”… i mumbled something, and she took out a (voodoo?) doll and started pointing; “mia say you very very very blocked here, no good, you be tired and sad and have headache, yes? it too hard treatment for you, this bad, you must get easy treatment first and then it better”

uhumm… pretty sure i’m getting bruises all over my back, and legs, i refused to get another treatment next week. not going to go to monaco looking like a victim of domestic violence. but perhaps i’ll go back after that.

or then i’ll give my regular massage therapist a call to see if she can unclog my qi without killing me.


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