today’s kim IV

“So her toes now look like six fat midgets each hiding under a blanket”

Thank you, Kim. I knew I could count on you.

To set the story straight here: I have ONE broken toe*. To support that poor bastard, I have taped it to the next one. Furthermore, I have sensitive skin. Excessive walking up and down the hills of Monte Carlo rubbed holes in my poor big toes. Hence one minor band-aid on each toe…  And my pinky toes are just always complaining about life in general, so I basically wear band-aids around them just for the fun of it.

Six fat midgets… Gee..

* not usually accusing myself of being clumsy, I cannot blame anyone else… I tripped over my own shoes in my hotel room when getting out of bed.. After that, I limped down to the beach for a swim, hoping the cool water would reduce the swelling. I never before realised that those beautiful stones on the beach of Nice twirl around when the waves hit the shore.. A flying stone the size of a tomato hitting your already broken toe.. well. Let’s just say THAT hurt.


One comment

  1. Remember to take replacement toes when travelling to France…..

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