the house god forgot III

Judging by the look on my cousin’s* face yesterday, I don’t think people have really understood how I live right now… So I’m going to take you on the grand tour of my beloved house.

First, the hall. It features a great big hole in the middle, keeping you alert at all times when moving around.20130704-123151.jpg

And all those winter clothes hanging there are usually kept out of sight, but this summer I felt the need to display them for everyone interested. Also, it was the perfect opportunity to redo the cupboard under the stairs.20130704-123513.jpg

Here you see a beautiful view of my dining room. Plastic door curtains are really in this year.

20130704-123317.jpgAnd here’s the dining room as seen from the plastic curtains. As you see, feng shui is important to me. Spider-Man is taking a nap, being a hero is tiresome work.

20130704-123415.jpgNext, we come to the sitting room. You are welcome to sit down anywhere, the sound from the machines is quite meditative though, so please choose a comfortable position (just ask spidey).


Moving on upstairs, we first come to the delightful master bedroom. Once you manage to get into bed, I promise it’s a peaceful rest.


If you have to use the facilities, please mind your step.


Enjoying waking up at five every morning, I have, however, decided this summer to sleep in the guest room. After six o’clock AM, it is the brightest, and warmest, room in the house, simply irresistible. Furthermore, I feel it’s so cosy here with half the dining room furniture, and the great big wall clock I managed to break.

20130704-123528.jpgBut, as I read somewhere.. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending, it became a butterfly. Here’s to hoping.

* actually he’s my second cousin once removed, but that’s a terrible name for it, so let’s just go with cousin.


  1. Mikko · · Reply

    You broke the clock???!!!!

    1. crap quality? 😀

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