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Photo by nephew Claus Ståhlberg

That cousin I was referring to in my last post.. It turned out he’s actually my second cousin twice removed. Guess how old I felt on Saturday at the annual gathering of relatives from near and far… In the great hall of the main house of the estate, a large pedigree chart was the centre of attention, and unwittingly, my being in the line of second cousins was suddenly focused upon. For some reason, it seemed a bit unlikely that I would belong to that particular generation, no matter how loudly I pointed out that my grandfather had been 20 years younger than his oldest sister, and that I myself, in fact, am 18 years younger than my oldest brother.

The cheeky cousin concluded that he’d better go and see if he could find any other great-aunt to converse with, if anyone else still happens to be alive and kicking… Haa haa ha.

But the fact just hit me, if I am lucky enough, I might just one day be the last of the dinosaurs.

Here goes!



  1. Mikko · · Reply

    Haha, I’m the very youngest of all my generation of cousins….

  2. Mikko · · Reply

    They still treat me as though I were 3 years old…..

    1. i dunno which is worse; being treated like you’re 3 or 103, especially when you’re not even 33…

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