Around the House in Eighty Days *

as the world awaits news of the royal baby, i thought i’d share a small update with you from the house god forgot…

last week, when returning from a friend’s place, i came home to find a loo with a view. awesome! Imageand when moving on indoors, this is how my hall looked. love the new flooring!


today i was sitting in the kitchen writing a post for the other blog, when bob the builder showed up with a colleague of his. i actually got locked in, but as it was raining cats and dogs out there, i didn’t really care, and at least i was stationed in the room where the food is. the sound of the drill did get a bit annoying after a while though, but i tried to endure it. a few oops and perkele!s later, one of the men came into the kitchen. he tried to look normal when he opened the hatch to the cellar, and when he noticed me watching him, he simply said he was going to steal some wine.. he had a quick glance down, shouted “yep…” , and turned to me with a sheepish look on his face. i noticed the cellar was all lit up, without the light being switched on.


i decided that was the cue for me, so i went for a four hour afternoon coffee break with a friend i haven’t seen in almost a year.

came home to this.

Imageand this. in the left hand corner, you can now enter the cellar (if you are a smurf, but still..), and they have also made a little door for that smurf to enter from the outside, if you take a closer look at the wall further away.

Imagethe insurance bloke is coming tomorrow. wish me luck.

* it’s been 80 days since the first local rain showers in the sitting room. phileas fogg and i have a lot in common.


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