insurance FTW

Three years ago, with my father breathing heavily in the hospital, I sat down with an insurance bloke to discuss the future of me, and of the house that was now my responsibility. I had a good feeling about the guy immediately, and today I once more realised the importance of always following your intuition. I am utterly grateful for his advice, and the deal he offered me. I am also grateful for the insurance bloke today, not even trying to find any loopholes in the contract that now binds him to cover the better part of whatever figures bob the builder might cough up.

20130723-103750.jpgYesterday, a friend said to me that I seem to be enjoying this whole mess, in some weird way. I didn’t even at first notice how profound my answer was, but now, the more I think of it, the more certain I am. If it’s good for your mental health to clear clutter from your closets and cupboards, just think what it does to your soul to get rid of years of stagnation in form of rotten sawdust from every nook and cranny of your (childhood) home.

I may not have had the summer I was hoping for, but I had just the summer I needed. And I’m already looking forward to next…



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