the house god forgot. full stop.

Well, well, well… Lightning really did strike. And not some random tree falling over a line or similar, no no, it was my house that took the blow..


lads with ladders

Yesterday, when the blokes from the energy company were here, we started wondering what really had happened. About two thirds of all fuses (both the “big” ones out in the main electricity enclosure, as well as the “smaller” ones indoors) had stopped working, but not in a way that you could see with your naked eye. The two young men were a bit baffled as to what might have happened, they went up and down a ladder trying to locate the real dilemma.

And that’s when it hit me. When I got to Gerby, and saw the new hole in the sitting room ceiling, I thought Bob the Builder had been here, checking something before they start buying material to rebuild everything.


nature decided to help bob the builder in tearing down the living room

So I went back in, and that’s when I realised that all the bits and pieces on the floor is actually one of the distribution-socket-thingies that has literally blown up, taking pieces of the ceiling with it. Another similar socket-thingy doesn’t look all that healthy either. I called in the blokes, pointing to the black hole, asking them if this might be it? “Nåmen sidu, där va’ he’..” *


impact factor: high.

Still not really sure how it managed to enter at that particular place, I went out Sherlock Holmes:ing after the electro-dudes had left. Next clue I could see from afar was that the back wall, the one still the wrong colour because my dad never got around to it, had dirt on it. It basically, pardon my French, looked like someone had shit on my house. And that’s how I found the impact crater of sorts.. for some reason, Buzz Lightning had decided to hit a rock, and from there travelled via the ladder temporarily propped against the wall, and straight in through a nail. Kaboom.

My brother called me kovan onnen lapsi**, and told me to be grateful; this was my lottery winning. The house is still standing.

He might be on to something.

  • * basically means yes (in Borgå-Swedish)
  • ** “child of bad fortune” (in Finnish)


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    Nå men nå men – what is going over there!
    Regards Carola

    1. Ja-a du.. jag klagade väl för högljutt över att mitt liv blivit så händelselöst och grått.. 😉

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