once you realise we’re all mad, life starts to make sense

“no matter how serious life gets, you still need to have that one person you can be completely stupid with”

a few months ago, i stated here on the blog that this might very well be the summer when i finally lose it. having my closest friends scattered all across europe, and my usual partner-in-crime occupied with a newborn, i thought it would be a very lonely summer in a very messed-up house.

i couldn’t have been more wrong. it has been the most delightful summer, crazy fun, and with quite enjoyable weather. i have perfected my social butterfly-skills, met an awful lot of weird people at weird places (and at weird times; woody harrelson on a bike…), and spoken more finnish in six weeks than i have during the last six years. who would ever have guessed that…

i’ve also finally become a bit more spontaneous (or then it’s the thyroxin doing it, at least that’s what some have said, i seem so much more alive these days) not always planning my next move, or calculating the consequences. which i think saved me from either being fried by lightning, or having a heart attack from the bang that must’ve accompanied the flash, last thursday night…

anyway. many of the mischiefs i owe to one particular friend, without whom i just might have lost it a couple of times. 


lesson learnt: hot air travels upwards, hence filling an air mattress is best done by lying flat on your back with the mattress on top of you. since it’s quite boring, you can multi-task and read the latest gossip magazine at the same time. you should try it some time. you will see stars. in two respects.

living in different countries, we seldom see each other in the same place (or even country) twice in a row, which is a good foundation for unruly behaviour. simply said, meeting up with her, you know you are heading for crazyville.

normally on top of things, i find myself getting lost, being late (and i mean really late.. like almost-missing-flights-late), and conversing with strangers (often in languages i do not know more than five words of) when i’m out and about with this nutter. but for some weird reason, i never get stressed about any of it – i’m just embracing the temporary insanity of the moment.

and it’s reasonably fair to say that has been an attribute that has helped me survive this summer with a laugh.


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