Summer’s lease hath all too short a date

spent most of my day yesterday reading in the sun. it was nice and cosy, even though the sun wasn’t as high in the sky as it used to be, nor as sizzling. the huge butterfly that always keeps me company was still there, but the annoying horse-flies were not. the wind was still warm, but it brought down some yellow leaves.

but you know what. it felt quite okay. even though summer once again was too short, it was rather enjoyable, regardless of all broken toes, pipes and whatnots.

the nights are getting darker, and at least at gerby you can see millions of stars already. i even managed to catch a falling one. put it in my pocket, and made a wish

anyway. just because autumn is around the corner, i’m not giving up my tradition of no socks nor full length trousers before september. come what may these last two weeks of august, no toe of mine will have to spend time confined.

and you know something great about summer ending? i’ve been in finland a staggering eight weeks now – angst! time to start booking flights again..

europe, here i come!


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  1. Nice to see you so Shakesperean!!!!

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