from trench to wrench

spent most of the weekend at my mother’s place, visiting a happening called loviisan wanhat talot (old houses of loviisa). the small town was filled to the brim with people from near and far, wanting to catch a glimpse of how others have renovated their old houses; doing bargains at the countless antique and flea markets; or simply enjoying summer in a nice surrounding.

even i, who is not known for buying second hand stuff, came home with several nice things. can’t wait to get gerby finished so i can start furnishing.

anyway, you didn’t really think i would have a totally carefree weekend, did you? i mean, it’s already been a fortnight since lightning struck

during my visit to the, in my opinion, nicest house yesterday, i left my car parked some odd 100 metres away. on solid tarmac. for about half an hour. when i drove away i realised i have a flat tyre. perfectly deflated. unconditionally empty. elvis had left the building.

tyre in picture not related to tyre in story.

i couldn’t really say i was surprised, au contraire – i have never had a flat tyre before, of course i should have one this summer. and since all things happening to me right now are just small annoyances, it conveniently happened nice and easy, just outside the house where one of my brothers lives. he was kind enough to quite swiftly change the flat for the spare, and i could continue my day with our mother.

as it happens, i’m already driving with a mix of tyres; two summer ones and two non-studded winter ones that are no longer fit for winter, but okay for summer. in other words, i have a few reasonably ok tyres lying around in my brother-in-law’s nooks. since he is extremely busy with the crop, it was however up to me, my sister and her eldest daughter to dig out a tyre, and change it. nice little sunday evening workout for the three of us, followed by a few hours of coffee and chocolates on the veranda.

when returning to helsinki late last night, i concluded that i have had the most enjoyable weekend, but all the things i needed to do are far from done. the diamonds-are-a-girls-best-friend-post i’m writing for the other blog remains unwritten, as is my speech for next weekends delegates’ meeting in copenhagen. thank god i have a great secretary, at least i don’t need to worry about the agenda nor other similar paperwork.

and thank god i’m not married – i’m pretty sure my hubby would’ve run off with the maid this summer…



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    You have probably observed by now that every day is an adventure – life long learning!
    Now you can change tyres!

    1. Haha, yes, an adventure to say the least 😀

      However, I actually have known how to change tyres all along – dad wouldn’t let me drive without proving I knew… I just rather not do it myself because of my back, but necessity has no law, and my back is far better than my sister’s neck (old whiplash), so..

      Take care, nice to know who reads my texts 🙂

  2. Always happening something in Lovisa 🙂

    1. Never a dull moment…

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