on whining

well, that was unexpected. i have a new yard. lots and lots of new sand. not that i mind, i have been thinking about what to do with the lawns closing in. but i didn’t order sand. and i’m not sure who’s suppose to be paying for this…


where once was a beautiful huge rose bush, lies now the beginning of something new

anyway, sitting out in the sun, looking at my new yard, thinking about what to do with it, it occurred to me how much i have really changed. i mean… i used to be one of those.. whiners. hopefully not one of the worst, but either way, i used to whine.

i don’t know if it’s a version of the law of jante that makes it so much easier to whine about things gone wrong than it is to rejoice about those that went right, but i have a feeling it might be. i’ve for some time already been noticing on facebook the difference in posts written by my fellow countrymen, and even other nordics, and friends from the continent or the uk. it seems to be in the nordic, and most especially finnish, nature to whine about everything, all the time. sure. there are the odd frustrated, angry, or sad posts from other nationalities as well, but the chronic whining is really reserved for the nordics.

i want to apologise for all the times i’ve fallen into the finnish way of whining about every single aspect of every single thing around me. rest assured, i am deliberately trying to kick the habit part of that is to stand strong, and not fall into agreeing when someone starts whining to me. this is actually becoming quite the amusing thing to do; answering every negative comment with something positive, watching the whiner become more and more insecure when not getting fuel on their latest first world problem. and you know what i’ve noticed. every time i now see these people that used to whine to me, they seem a little bit happier. like pavlov’s dogs they are discovering that whining is not the foundation of maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

to sum up, if these last few years, with the huge culmination of house madness this summer, haven’t taught me anything else, they taught me that there’s always something good to be found in every bad situation. always. it’s just a matter of perspective.

p.s. that button on facebook where you can change the settings whose posts you see.. quite a neat little function. whiners be gone!

p.s.2. i do however keep the right to whine about snow when i’ve had enough of it. which approx. will be the second week in january. if you can’t stand it – help me to find a job that will keep me out of this country mid-november to mid-may… thank you.



  1. Next time you might slide into the habit of whining… best to immediately turn it into wining… Claret or even simple plonk should do the trick…

    Alternatively: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qDyEPmk5_o
    Isnt the internet amazing…
    (things to do on your new yard. 🙂

    1. wining is an excellent choice. and next summer wining will most certainly be a part of my new yard – perhaps you will join?
      first i’m going to learn how to build a terrace though… 😉

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