the dawning of a new age

what an enormous response my last post got, thank you to all my new followers. of course, i have now been panicking the last 24 hours or so, how can i possibly write something profound, or funny, enough to keep all my (new) readers? not to mention if i want to reach out to even more… *angst*

keeping to the theme of the above mentioned last post, i carrie bradshawed myself through the city yesterday. it was raining cats and dogs, and my dress almost did a marilyn as i gazelled myself over a huge puddle. could feel my umbrella generating a slight napoleon complex when passing a bloke with a golfer’s parasol, couldn’t stop thinking ‘please don’t brake down, little one’ when i hurried down the streets.

finally reaching my destination, hair looking like it had taken a tour in a roller-coaster, i got but halfway to the restroom before someone put a camera in my hand, asking me to please be the official photographer of the evening. knowing that the big hall, where the programme would take place, is the worst place ever to take pictures in, the little voice in my head went ‘perkele!’ before reaching the conclusion that at least my messy hairdo will do better behind the camera than in front of it.

nevertheless, i had a lovely evening, where i especially appreciated the classical music that was performed, and i couldn’t but wonder when i became so grown up…

afterwards, taking a slight break in the whole photographing business, and over a glass of champagne, i enjoyed a most delightful discussion on choices you make in life. seeing as i’m on the verge of plunging into a whole new adventure, it came at the right time, and almost like the universe was trying making an effort that i wouldn’t forget the thoughts that arose yesterday, i got this link sent to me this morning. couldn’t but laugh, as i happen to be just the right age for entering a new lifetime. and thinking back, didn’t i quite recently quote shakespeare on that same theme; “And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.”

isn’t it fun when you realise all signs are pointing to the sameapparently for everyone else, obvious – solution?


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