the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth

Earlier today I posed a question on Instagram: does the tooth fairy visit adults too? You see, I was wondering what to do with the wisdom tooth my dentist sent me home with. (Yes, I booked a time with the explanation “my karma is better, my teeth not so much”)

I remember back in the days, when I was a little girl, the tooth fairy would take my newly lost tooth from a glass of water, and leave a five mark (FIM) coin there instead for me to fish up.

I was hoping for a little more this time around, to be honest.

But then it occurred to me that I won’t be getting a dime. I realised the tooth fairy must get its money from somewhere, and it’s obviously from adults paying to get their teeth removed…

Oh bugger.


One comment

  1. This handy detective work has finally cleared up the mystery!!!

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