pain is inevitable – suffering optional

As suspected, no tooth fairy (or that evil kanudel that my oldest niece said) showed up. However, if it wasn’t for that tooth just lying there, I would perhaps not know I had been to the dentist’s yesterday..

It’s interesting, this little thing called pain. Physical pain. How is it possible that we experience pain so differently? Is pain itself in fact the same for everyone, but the threshold of pain different? Or is pain really something subjective, like the colour of our eyes? Some (quasi-?)research has stated that redheads have a lower tolerance of pain, and to some extent I can relate. I don’t mind popping a painkiller or two, if needed. But then again, days like today, I get reminded of the fact that by the time I even notice I’m in pain, some people would already be on prescription drugs, not to mention on a sick leave.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not supposed to be a post with me boasting about what kind of super woman I am, I’m just genuinely fascinated by it.

Sure, I got local anaesthesia yesterday. Sure, I thought it was a bit uncomfortable getting the tooth pulled out. Sure, I was bleeding for an hour. Sure, I took the rest of the day off, and a painkiller before going to bed. I even told my boss I might stay at home today too. Woke up this morning feeling only a bit sore, so didn’t see a reason to stay at home. My colleagues looked more than suspiciously at me, but since I was a chipmunk only for a mere five hours yesterday, they couldn’t even tell which side the tooth had been pulled from.

I feel sorry for all who have to endure operations and days of pain when removing their wisdom [teeth], I really do. It must be awful. I do not envy you, at all. But before that ‘she sure has an easy life’-thought crosses your mind, think about the times I’ve said my back is aching. Do you really think I’d complain if it was just a little bit stiff and sore?

Just some food for thought.



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