moving out of the lazy zone

“To succeed in life we must stay within our strength zone but move out of our comfort zone.” – John Maxwell

Saw this quote on Twitter yesterday, and thought to myself that it somehow serves as a summary of some interesting discussions I’ve had these last couple of weeks. You see, I think that’s what I’ve been doing wrong, all these years I’ve been looking to get away, looking to get a new job, looking to change my life etc etc etc; I’ve bee looking so hard, but not really seeing the difference between my strength zone and my comfort zone, often mixing the two.

Let me give you an example. Like a maniac, I’ve been looking for administrative jobs within the university sector, because that’s what I do now. Hence thinking that is staying within my strength zone. To spice things up, I’ve been looking for them in London, thinking that will be me moving out of my comfort zone. Hell no. That would only be me moving location, but staying within my lazy zone, which is what I decided to call the space where the comfort zone and the strength zone overlap each other.

So. What to do with this new-found realisation?

Here I’ve been crying over not wanting to do this line of work any more, not next year, not in five years time, not for the rest of my life. I’ve been desperately trying to want a career within any line of business, but at the same time, I’ve felt I do not really have what it takes. Mainly because I haven’t really wanted to. I don’t want to make it big in business, or marketing, or investing or any place that would be natural for someone with a master’s from a business school. I don’t want to work my ass off just to get a nice title, a good pay check and the corner office. I really couldn’t care less about such things.

That said, however, I refuse to settle. That statement remains the same, now stronger than ever. In fact, I get hysterical when thinking about doing the same job day in and day out, no matter how safe it is in regards of salary, health care, holidays, and so on. My idea of hell would be to work at a factory line – don’t get me wrong, I actually have tremendous respect for people doing that (and liking it), I know I would last a week, max…

I know that I as a person can be very efficient when I put my mind to it, when I get the opportunity to do something I really care about. But most of this job-hunting business has honestly had a lower priority than the earlier mentioned television, due to all sorts of things (we have to remember here as well the “little” issue with my thyroid.) No matter how hard I’ve really wanted to go [to London], I’m still not there.

All this inevitable leads up to the conclusion that I have been looking for all the wrong things, for all the wrong reasons.

The thing is, that after realising the puzzle I have been trying to put together does not match the box it came in, about a month ago, I have been more efficient in changing things than I have for the last two years. Something you might have noticed here on the blog as well. Or not.. I prefer being a bit vague still, sorry for that. But I think that more than a few of you are noticing a change (for the better, I hope), and I know that many of you will at some point look at me with amusement in your eyes and mumble “Isn’t this what I’ve been telling you to do all along?”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever. You all know that some things we need to figure out on our own…




  1. Amen!

  2. Go Chia!!!

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